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Casati hacked ???

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Casati hacked ???

Messaggio da sfj » 16 luglio 2018, 20:30

Cari amici,

today I found attached phishing email in my post box.
Since I own several domains I regulary give different addresses to the different newsletters / companies.
Up to today only mail from info (at) casatiaste dot it arrived on the email adress in attached phishing mail.

Anybody here on the mailing list of Casati, who got the same phishing mail today ??? Would be another indicator that Casati (or the newsletter platform he uses) got hacked ...

BTW: for me the phishing character of the mail is obvious - if there is an inexperienced mail user arround, not seeing why this is a "phish" I can explain it in detail.

Kind Regards

PS: Sorry to Caseti and his IT guy for disclosing it here - Paypal phishing targets on the money of your customers. And I like my friends here in the forum to spend money on stamps not on hackers ...
Non hai i permessi necessari per visualizzare i file allegati in questo messaggio.
Sorry for writing english. My Italian is not good enough to write Italian. So if somebody translate it - if nessessary - its fine with me. (No need to answer in english. Reading Italian is a lot easier than writing it.
I had 7 years Latin at school (and the links to google translate) ...

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Re: Casati hacked ???

Messaggio da niccosan » 19 luglio 2018, 9:25

good morning
lately all phishing emails seem to come from an acquaintance of yours (address list) but in reality they do not come from them but from a system that pretends to be casati

however you can always turn the email to casati

PS you can check where the mail arrives by opening the source of the email message


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