9 Kreuzer Type I versus Type II

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9 Kreuzer Type I versus Type II

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A friend of mine noticed a nice little thing years ago that I don't want to withhold from you. The trait could also be quite useful for distinguishing 9 cruisers Type I from Type II stamps.

The background is as follows: 12 Kreuzer and 60 Centesimi were initially planned, but after the completion of the embossing dies it was decided to produce 9 Kreuzer and 45 Centesimi.
Probably due to lack of time and money they took 6 Kreuzer and 30 Centesimi stöckel (cliches) and worked out the value figures and soldered the numbers 9 and 45 instead.
This led to differences in the position of the figures.

Some of these headstrong positions (relative to the K of Kreuzer or C of Centes and the digit position relative to the lower border line) are very rare, while others are quite common. This deficiency was later corrected (Type II and Type III). See Fig.1

For the production of the 9 Kreuzer type I, 6 Kreuzer type Ib Stöckel were used. If you look closely, you will find various similarities. For example, the "stain on the leaf" (see picture 2). Attention: not to be confused with the "point in the sheet", which is of relevance for the determination of later 9 Kreuzer Type III!

For the later 9 Kreuzer Type II and Type III were used 3 Kreuzer Stöckel.

In any case it is noticeable that all 9 Kreuzer type I stamps (no matter if Ia, or Ib), as well as all 6 cruisers (no matter which type), always show a short serife in the first R of KREUZER.
With 9 Kreuzer Type II and Type III stamps, R with a clear serife was found without exception (see picture 3).

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